American Idol Winner Loses

Is it possible that people are finally starting to come to their senses?  Unlikely.  But if you hate American Idol as much as I do, then this story should make your day.

Remember that moron, Lee DeWyze, who won Idol in season nine?  No?  That’s ok, you’re probably not alone.  Apparently most people didn’t like him.  After coming out with his debut album, “Live it Up“, Lee’s label, RCA Records, dropped him like he was hot.  Or more accurately, like a piece of shit.  After selling only 168,000 copies of his album, RCA Records said enough was enough and gave Lee the boot, becoming only the second American Idol winner to get dropped from their label after just one album.

Perhaps it wasn’t so much that DeWyze sucked so bad that RCA Records had no choice but to cut ties with him.  Perhaps it was the fact that the partnership between American Idol, 19 Recordings, and RCA Records was only 9 years long.  That doesn’t explain, however, why previous Idol winners like Carrie Underwood, Kelly Clarkson, and Kris Allen remain on the RCA Records label.

Lee, it was a good run.  You got national exposure (even if you didn’t deserve it), you got signed to a record label (even if they only did it out of contractual obligation), and you ‘re getting married to actress/model Joanna Walsh (until she finds out you were dropped from your label).  If you were smart, you’d call it a career and sneak away, never to be heard from again.

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