Occupy Wall Street

I am always a fan of the common person taking to the street to protest whatever they feel like needs protesting.  Which is why MarsBands.com is thrilled to see the Occupy Wall Street protests picking up across this disheveled country.  With many different messages they are trying to express, the protesters are doing the most American thing that is still afforded to them by their Constitutional Rights.  I’m still on the fence about this whole situation, especially the celebrity appearances.  On one hand I see it as shameless promotion.  On the other hand, it’s cool that celebrities are out, even if it’s for their own agenda, promoting the opinions of the little guy.

It’s possible that the upper echelon of society will take note because people other than the “have-nots” are complaining about the sad state of affairs the U.S. finds itself in.
Of course, there’s also the very real possibility that people will pay less attention and see this as a hippy-love-free-for-all.

I won’t lie to you, though, that when I read about Tom Morello from Rage Against the Machine showing up to Occupy Wall Street, I was a little more than excited.  Actually, I was a little shocked that it took so long.  This just seems like the type of event that RATM would want to be a part of.  Perhaps it’s because RATM has been preaching similar stuff to what the Occupiers are protesting about.  In addition to performing, Morello was quoted by Rolling Stone as saying

“…people can gather to express their grievances and express their solidarity with one another, like – shit ain’t right, and we’re gonna do something about it.”

That’s right, Tom, shit ain’t right, but will the Wall Street occupation change or accomplish anything or will it simply fizzle out and be forgotten?

What are your thoughts on the Occupy Wall Street protests and the celebrity guest appearances?

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