The Age of Lawsuits

Poison is getting sued by Kid Rocker.  No, Kid Rocker isn’t Kid Rock’s new band.

According to Kid Rocker members Billy McCarthy and James Stonich, Poison guitarist C.C. DeVille acquire a tape of the band’s songs when he tried out for their group in 1984.

Kid Rocker, a band from Illinois that doesn’t exist anymore, claims that Poison hit songs such as Talk Dirty to Me, Fallen Angel, and I Won’t Forget You were actually based off Kid Rocker songs.  Despite the fact that the statue of limitations for this type of suit is three years, the attorney for Kid Rocker says there is a precedent for copyright theft, Taylor v. Meirick, for “continuing wrong”.

Basically, as I see it, the attorney for Kid Rocker sees how insanely ignorant his clients are and is getting all the money he possibly can out of them.  Even if the allegations Kid Rocker have made are true, this seems like a case that they can’t possibly win, as it is nearly impossible to prove Poison purposefully or knowingly based their songs off of Kid Rocker’s material.  Coincidentally, Kid Rocker just created a YouTube account Oct. 22nd and have already addressed questions about the alleged stolen songs saying:

We appreciate your interest in the allegedly stolen songs involveving Poison however they are sealed in court records. Kid Rocker will be post more original songs in the next few days. Thank You!

I was right – they are idiots.

But in this age of lawsuits, anyone can sue anyone for anything they choose at any time they choose.  That doesn’t mean they’ll win, but, it seems to be everybody’s first instinct is to sue.

Kid Rocker

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