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When Good Music Goes Bad

So you know when you’re watching a video on YouTube and there’s that suggestion sidebar?  Well I was watching a video and there was a video on the side that had a picture of Katy Perry holding a guitar.  I thought surely it was a fake, so out of sheer curiosity, I clicked on the video.  And to be quite honest, I was a little taken aback. Katy Perry was a pretty decent singer and could actually play the guitar. And that’s when my brain exploded. How does someone go

from this (May, 2008)

to this (June, 2010)

in the blink of an eye?

It would appear the only reason people pay attention to Katy Perry is because, much like Gaga, she dresses like a moron and strips to get attention.  To shore up my claim, check out the number of views each of the above videos has.  The Mannequin song, which actually showcases her skills, has a shade under 1 million views.  The video that shows how much of an attention-whore she is, has over 100 million.  And according to my math, that’s a shit-ton more.  What can you do?  Sex sells.

Of course, there are all those people who will try to tell me “that’s how she’s always been”.  To which I will reply, “then why didn’t anyone see it before?”  Seriously, if that’s how she’s always been, why wasn’t she famous when she was a teenager like Britney?  Her Mannequin performance didn’t give me the slightest impression that she was like that.  She presented herself quite well, actually.  She wasn’t dressed like a clown on acid, her boobs weren’t hanging out, and she wasn’t even singing sexually suggestive material.  So what happened?  Well, to answer that you need some background info on Katy Hudson.  Who?  That’s right…

Katy Perry’s real name is Katy Hudson.  She released a self-titled Gospel-Rock album under the name Katy Hudson as an attempt to kick-start her career.  It failed miserably.  Quite un-coincidentally, Katy began her rise to fame in November of 2007 after signing with a big name label just a few months earlier, changing her name, musical style, and appearance.  All it took for Katy to become a recognized “musician” (and believe me, I use that term loosely) was to change everything about herself and have the people who produced stars like Avril, Pink, Kelly Clarkson, and The Donnas tell her what to do.

If ever there were a classic example of someone selling out and buying in to the mainstream life, Katy Perry is it – going from one extreme to the other in no time at all.  The indisputable truth is right there for anyone with an internet connection to discover.

Now, perhaps you might be wondering why I even give two craps about all of this?  It’s actually pretty simple.  She is a disgrace.  Katy Perry is a disgrace to Katy Hudson, her family, her music, and all musicians who don’t buy into a system, change themselves, their music, and say, do, and act however they are told.  Maybe her music means something to her, but it shouldn’t mean anything to anyone else because it’s not real.  It is a facade, a farce, an outright lie.

If you’re a fan of Katy Perry’s music, fine, enjoy your spoon-fed lies.  I prefer real music by real musicians.

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