The Melophobics

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The Melophobics
Band Name: The Melophobics
Official Website: Band Website
Origin: Peterborough, UK
Year Formed:
Band Members: Thomas Plant - Guitar/Lead Vocals James Snaith Bass Ross Torbet Drums
Genres: Alternative, Indie, Rock











The Melophobics Background Info

Three of us have been writing and performing as The Melophobics for the past three years. We have played in many venues across London and Cambridgeshire and have always had a good reception from our audiences.  During the past few years we as a band have gained a lot of knowledge and experience and feel that the band is now ready to become professional. (via ReverbNation)

 MarsBands Review

The Melophobics have that distinct UK sound that is enthralling and addictive, similar to that of bands like Maximo Park and Bloc Party.  Despite sharing that sound, The Melophobics are an incredibly unique group of guys who make some remarkably catchy music that easily differentiates itself from the rest of the pack.

They have a brilliant Rock sound, like you will hear in their song Reality, which contains a snappy, double-bass drum beat to accompany a sharp guitar and thumping bass.  In other songs, like Y.O.K.O.O, they are more laid back, softer, and slightly subdued.

Adding an extra element to the band, The Melophobics make excellent use of vocal harmony in many of their songs.  A band with an upbeat sound and tempo, The Melophobics should be a regular in your music playlist.  Give them a listen – Enjoy!

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Where They Are From

Peterborough, UK

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