Pity Party for Rick Ross

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Perhaps you read a while back about Rick Ross and his seizures.  Well apparently Rick Ross is totally healthy.  No diabetes, cancer, HIV, or anything like that.  WHEW!  Load off of my mind.  Unfortunately, however, he is suffering from a lack of sleep.

According to Rolling Stone, “the rapper revealed that he hasn’t slept for eight hours a night in five years as a result of his activities as a hip-hop star”.  The lack of sleep is the apparent cause of his seizures.  First of all, I call bullshit.  And secondly, I think I can speak for a lot of people when I say, Big Fucking Whoop!  Join the club, you rich, whiny-assed bitch.  Thirdly, it really irks me that he called himself a “star”.  Egotistic much, Rick?  You couldn’t just call yourself a hip-hop artist?  Had to throw in “star”?

What do you think parents have to go through?  When do you think the last time was any of them got 8 hours of sleep?  What about the people who have to work multiple dead-end jobs just to put food on the table for the family?  How much sleep do you think they’re getting?  And they sure as hell aren’t getting paid the money that Rick Ross is getting paid.  And what does he do for a living?  He “sings” songs.  Oh, you poor, poor baby.  Such a hard life you have.

Notice, he doesn’t say what it is that is keeping him from getting sleep.  Is it perhaps his lifestyle that needs changing?  Partying a little too much there, Ricky?  Gotta maintain that “hip-hop star” image, right?

It’s not like he can’t just one day say, I’m tired, I’m going to bed.  Will that one day be the financial death of him?  Will one day of sleep somehow make all his fans hate him?  Will he never be able to perform another show because he slept?  Will people stop buying his CDs because they say, “Aww, what the hell!  This guy sleeps?  I’m not buying this CD”?

Do you think people who are barely scraping by working two jobs have the luxury to say, screw it, I’m tired and I’m going to bed?  Is Rick Ross trying to make us feel sorry for him?  All he has done is enraged me.  Rick Ross, I feel no pity for you.  Grow a pair and shut the fuck up.

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