MarsBands vs Facebook?

As I’m sure you are all aware by now, has a personal vendetta against Mainstream Radio.  The reasons are so abundant and complex we had to write an article about it.  Now, it seems, our personal vendetta may have to be expanded to Facebook. [cue suspenseful music]

There are many reasons to like Facebook, but the reasons to hate Facebook are equal to or greater than the reasons to like it.  Aside from Facebook’s blatant and glaring privacy issues, they are now making people self-conscious about what music they listen to and share.

[tangent: If Facebook was your bank and they had these privacy issues, people would be leaving en masse.  But people don’t realize they are giving out all the information a cyber-crook needs to gain access to their financials.  That family tree is nice to share on Facebook, isn’t it?  Crooks like it too, as it cuts out work for them.  What’s one of the questions asked of you when you sign in to your online bank?  What is your mother’s maiden name?  Grandma’s name?  Niece or nephew?  First pet?  What street you grew up on?  All available on Facebook, the cyber-criminal research center (CCRC ©).]

Because the music you listen to on Spotify via Facebook is shared with your friends, and the world, people aren’t exploring music, they are simply listening to what people expect them to listen to.  From the Digital Music News article:

Back in March, the Helsinki Institute for Information Technology (HIIT) conducted a small study on this tied to scrobbling.  And they concluded that people – particularly younger people – don’t necessarily lie about their music tastes, they just suppress certain things and accentuate others.

Rather than break from the pack and actually find music that isn’t complete crap, people listen to what their peers are listening to out of fear of being different.  Facebookers will make “active efforts to control the image their online profile gives of them, especially when their music listening is published automatically,” the Science Daily reported.  So technically we can’t say that Facebook is destroying music, but they certainly aren’t doing anything to help promote good music, and for that, Facebook, consider yourself on notice. is now your mortal enemy.

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