Acapella Week

Usually we would post a band or artist a day that we like and who we think you might like.  The bands and artists posted on any given day usually have nothing in common with those who were posted previously.

Next week, however, MarsBands is doing something a little different than usual.  The week of October 24th – 31st will have a theme – Acapella.  If you are not familiar with Acapella, you will be soon.  When done correctly, Acapella is amazing.  We’re pretty sure you’ll approve.

Some groups we post may only have one song we found to be worth your while.
Some days we may post more than one group.

The only problem we have found, so far, is trying to get information about these groups.  Some of these groups you may have seen on TV, while others are strictly YouTube sensations.  With the latter groups, it is proving to be quite challenging to find out anything about them.  That being said, we will try to provide you with as much information, links, videos, music, etc. as possible.

Depending on its popularity, themed weeks may become more common on MarsBands.
In any event, you are now privy to some exciting news about next week.  It will be fun times.

If you have any suggestions for themes, leave a comment.

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