The Hundreds and Thousands

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The Hundreds and Thousands
Band Name: The Hundreds and Thousands
Official Website: Band Website
Origin: Toronto, ON, Canada
Year Formed:
Band Members: Ian LeFeuvre, Peter von Althen, Maury Lafoy
Genres: Indie, Indie Rock, Rock







The Rundown:  Toronto, Canada has created a great new band called The Hundreds and Thousands.  Frontman Ian LeFeuvre, drummer Peter von Althen, and bassist Maur Lafoy combine to create some great music. Formerly called Staling, The Hundreds and Thousands are really just getting started.  Some of their influences are Elliot Smith, Radiohead, Led Zepplin, The Cure, The Police, and many more.

The odd thing about this band is that each member is also either working on side projects by themselves or with another band or artist.  Not sure that is a good recipe for success, but they have already churned out some pretty good tunes including “Rat Race“, “All Alone“, “Fall“, “Bullet Train Wreck“, and “Nameless Number“.  My personal favorite is “All Alone“.  In that song, singer Ian LeFeuvre sounds a bit like Dexter Holland from The Offspring.  Just a bit. endorses The Hundreds and Thousands because they sound great and we think you’ll like them. 

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Other Songs to Check Out

  • Rat Race
  • All ALone
  • Fall
  • Bullet Train Wreck
  • Nameless Number

Where They Are From

Toronto, ON, Canada

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