Who Needs Who – Album Review (cont)

Track 6 – How It Went Down

It is at this point in the album that the listener is really introduced to the soft plucking sounds of the acoustic guitar.  Heavily reverbed in both guitar and vocals, the song quickly conjures up the feelings of looking back at what once was.  The lyrics in this song painted a more vivid picture than any other song on the album.  How It Went Down is intensely introspective,  unfiltered, poetic emotion in song form.  Brilliant.


Track 7 – It’s A Secret

I really enjoyed the unique chord changes and progressions from the piano in this song.  With an excellent, though small, ensemble of instruments in addition to the almost chanting type lyrics towards the middle-end of the song, it will draw you in slowly and captivate both your ears and your mind.  Soulful and even a little bit spooky.


Track 8 – Hear Me

This song starts off intimidating and foreboding with a haunting mix of drums and piano with an echoing background “noise” that deliberately sets the listener up for something epic.  The lyrics are sung strongly, yet softly.  Honestly, this song for me was more about the mood the drums and piano set than it was about the lyrics.  The feelings are easily felt through the music, where unlike other songs, the lyrics add to the emotion rather than dictate it.  The soft, sad trumpet towards the end enhances this simplistic, yet complex song.


Track 9 – Meet In The Dark

More upbeat than the last song, Meet Me In The Dark still conveys a somber attitude which is gently masked behind the pleasing sounds of the piano, accordion, and lightly distorted guitar.   I felt like this song would work well in some of Tim Burton’s movies, and is had a perfect mix of elegance and creepiness.  That’s the wonderful thing about Dark Dark Dark, they can be creepy, haunting, and intimidating but do it in a way so unique you can’t help but enjoy it.


Track 10 – The Great Mistake

The Great Mistake is what this entire album is leading up to.  It is the perfect way to end this album.  It feels like the type of song you’d hear at the end of some epic movie.  Instead of an epic movie, however, the listener has been immersed in an epic tale of heartache, emotion, and retrospective pondering.  I really felt the New Orleans influence in this song more so than the others.  While listening to the caressing piano, easy drumbeat, and soft trumpet I felt like everything was getting wrapped up.  By the end of the song, I actually felt hopeful and no longer sad and kind of uneasy.  I could be quite wrong, but I would expect a follow up album to be a lot like this song.


What did you think about this album from Dark Dark Dark?  Like it, love it, hate it?  Sound off in the comments below.  Do you have your copy yet?  If not, you can get it here.


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