I Swear

Cursing, cussing, swearing, profanity.  There’s almost as many names for cussing as there are swear words.  It seems in today’s culture that sailors aren’t the only ones with foul mouths.  And in today’s entertainment, cussing is as popular as ever.  George Carlin would be proud.  There are, however, many groups out there who think using such foul language is a terrible thing.  And I will be the first to admit that, at times, it can be over done.

For example, how many times did you hear the word “fuck” in Summer of Sam (435)?  Goodfellas (300)?  The Big Lebowski (260)?  Blair Witch Project (154)?  That’s a lot of fucks.  Remember when Bono said, upon claiming his zillionth award, “really, really fucking brilliant” on live TV?  The FCC said it was Oky-Doky because he didn’t use the word in its literal sexual meaning.  Is there any Rapper out there (besides Will Smith) who doesn’t cuss regularly in every song?

There are lots of reasons people don’t like cussing.  Especially in arguments, it kind of detracts from the validity of the statement when the statement is strewn with F-Bombs and other 4-letter jollies.  And true, there are some situations where cussing just doesn’t really work.  I would like to say I’ve never heard anyone cuss in church, but, I have.  On numerous occasions.  Cussing, some say, shows a lack of intelligence or vocabulary.  And, obviously, if children hear these swear words they are likely to repeat them – at least once – and often at a very bad time.  That is a fact.  I have been around enough little kids to know that they are like parrots.

Despite the reasons to not cuss, it apparently isn’t showing any signs of stopping.  Even my 7 year old nephew cusses.  Neither he nor his parents have any problems with him running around saying something “sucks”.  The first time I heard him say it I was slightly taken aback.  Now, when I was a kid, that phrase was not something I could get away with.  Perhaps people have used it so much and forgotten what they are actually saying/meaning when they say something sucks, but as I recall, it is in the “blow/suck” category.

Today’s youth seems to have taken cussing to a new level.  A simple glance at Facebook or Twitter will backup my assertion.  It’s no longer only used in extreme circumstances.  It has become part of normal person-to-person conversation.  They don’t think twice about it.  I’m not even sure they think once about it.  If I were to drop the F-Bomb once a sentence in this article, you’d get tired of it and stop reading.  But, if I scatter it out and use it at just the right time, you don’t even mind it.  Chivalry, apparently, is dead.  Something I learned from my dad years ago is it’s not polite to cuss in front of a lady, whether she is a potty-mouth or not.  Also, open the door for your lady, guys.  Be a fucking man, not a punk-ass-bitch.

Personally, I fucking love cussing.  I think it accentuates things nicely.  I also am intelligent enough to pick my times.  And you may notice the occasional swear word in some of the songs you find here on MarsBands.com.  Cussing isn’t a bad thing.  It’s just words.  How and when you use those words, however, make all the difference.  Moderation, as with so many things, is key.

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