Band Info
Band Name: Plus
Official Website: Band Website
Origin: LA, California, USA
Year Formed: 2012
Band Members: Dave Farina, David Powell, Cameron Gharaee, Paul Hiller
Genres: Indie, IndieElectro







 Plus Background Info

Plus consists of Dave Farina, Cameron Gharaee, Paul Hiller, and David Powell; an Italian-American, Iranian-American, Polish-American, and Texan-American, respectively. Their first meeting occurred at the model UN summer camp of Topeka, Kansas in 1977, where a four-way dispute erupted between the future bandmates as to who should be served first in the cafeteria line, on the basis of whose was the superior race. A food fight ensued that would inspire a young John Landis, also in attendance, to immortalize the experience in a popular film about the college experience. Once exhausted and covered in marinara sauce, the four found friendship in common musical interest, namely Russian folk songs, and decided to form a group.

MarsBands Review

A unique blend of Electro and Rock, Plus (not to be confused with the crappy Japanese boy band) will appeal to just about anyone.  I won’t lie, Electro isn’t exactly my favorite genre, so I went into my process of listening to Plus expecting to be less than impressed.  After listening to them, however, I was pleasantly surprised.  They have some really good beats and honestly, the Electro part of their sound enhances their likability factor.

Plus has some excellent vocals, and plenty of harmony.  Plus reminds me a bit of Metronomy, but more so of The Teddybears.  All three bands make use of Electro, but not in a way that would make you think you’re listening to something Techno.  They use that Electro sound to add to the songs, not necessarily create the songs.  Plus does an excellent job of blending their different sounds.  There’s plenty of Indie to go along with the Rock and Electro.

I really liked their song Atom Bomb.  It made me feel like dancing – and I hate dancing!  I really liked the way the bass stole the attention of the song from the deep and thumping drums early on.  If I had one of those super-expensive stereo systems in my car, I would drive around anyplace that had a road with Atom Bomb on as loud as I could get it.  Atom Bomb has kind of a different feel than the rest of the songs.  It’s less Rock, more Electro, but I’m not exactly sure how to classify it other than awesome.

The only thing I didn’t like about the song was that even though it was nearly four and a half minutes long, it went by too quickly.  Good songs tend to have that in common.  My recommendation?  Make it an 8 minute song.

Feel free to give a listen or two to the rest of Plus’ songs below via the Reverbiest-of-Nations and let me know which songs are you favorite!  Enjoy the goodness!

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Where They Are From

Los Angeles, CA, USA

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