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We’re going to try something a little new here.  Now, I don’t use Yahoo as my primary source of news.  In fact, I use Yahoo as my primary source of entertainment – and no, their entertainment section isn’t entertaining.  What makes me chuckle at Yahoo are the comments left by readers.  So every now and then we’ll tell you about a story we found on Yahoo and then we’ll show you some of the comments that we liked.  Some comments are funny, some are stupid, some are so stupid they are funny, and every now and then you’ll find a comment that is intelligent.

Vampire Graves Unearthed Near Black Sea Town

So according to an ABC News article by Ian Novacic, 700 year old skeletons were discovered in Sokopul, Bulgaria with iron spikes through their chests.  Some guy from some museum said that some people used to do this way back when to make sure some bad people didn’t come back as some vampires.  No word on if he prefers Edward or Jacob, however.  But who cares about the article, we’re here for the comments!  So let’s get crackin’.

In case you didn't get that, there's a new movie coming out: "Abraham Lincoln Vampire Hunter". And no, unfortunately, I'm not making this stuff up.


Which of these do you like?  How many good ones did we miss?  Sound off down below.

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