Band Info
Band Name: B&E
Official Website: Band Website
Origin: St. Louis, Missouri, United States
Year Formed: 2005
Band Members: Brendan Corcoran (Singer), Eammon Azizi (Guitar/Keys), Benjamin Franklin (Lead Guitar), Mark Cooper (Bass), Chris Blakley (Drums)
Genres: Indie, PowerPop, Rock







 B&E Background Info

B&E started as a duo in late ’05 that set out to conquer the dive-bar circuit, with the first show being at a bar called J&A’s. After adding a drummer, B&E played some more bars and quickly entered the studio to record their debut acoustic record, ‘We Regret Everything’ (produced by Jason Hutto at Smokin’ Baby Studios).

Shortly after the ‘06 album release, B&E decided to plug in their guitars and revamp their lineup—that meant a new drummer, bassist and lead guitarist. In ‘07-’08 B&E hit-up St. Louis with their new sound playing all over the city.

MarsBands Review

Yet more proof that St. Louis is crawling with awesome music!  While the music provided for your listening pleasure below is their electric stuff, the video available for your viewing pleasure is part of their acoustic session with iChannel.  And the strange thing is when they play acoustic, they sound like a totally different band.  So, if you want to listen to two really awesome bands, listen to their electric stuff and then go listen to their acoustic stuff.

B&E will flat out Rock your world.  I’m not sure I would even be comfortable applying any one genre to them, as they are a unique blend of Rock laced with bits of Punk and Pop with a sprinkling of Garage Rock.  Lead singer Brendan Corcoran has a fantastically idiosyncratic voice that just so happens to be perfectly suited for the type of music B&E cranks out at your ears.  I honestly can’t even really think of a band they might resemble.  The only thing that comes to mind is Hot Hot Heat, and that’s only because of the vocals and even then it’s just barely.  B&E has a sound and feel all their own.

B&E will remind you what good music is supposed to sound like while at the same time reminding you that guitar solos are, in fact, awesome when done right.  To get you started, some of my favorite songs from B&E are Killer Riff, Angles & Insects, and You’re a Mess.  Get ready to be amazed.

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