Watch Barley Station Live June 14th

Tune In To The Morning Show w/Tim Ezell!

If you are a regular here at you have heard of Barley Station.  We featured them on our site back in March because we were incredibly taken with their sound and were very proud to promote them given the fact that they are on their own label.

Well they are going to make us even more proud June 14th.  After a month or so of trying to convince the Segment Producer from Channel 2’s Morning Show to let a band we’ve featured on our site play live on their show, it’s now official!  Barley Station will play LIVE on the Fox 2 News Morning Show with Tim Ezell June 14th at 9am!  Besides being a massively huge and wonderful opportunity for Barley Station, this is a gargantuan win for independent music!

If you don’t happen to live in the St. Louis area, don’t worry, you will still be able to watch it live!  Simply go HERE to watch the webcast or come back to MarsBands on June 14th and we’ll have the webcast embedded on our site!  So music lovers, do your part – tell your family, friends, neighbors, your neighbors’ friends, and your friends’ neighbors!  After that, go tell some random person you meet on the street!  Tell as many people as you can!


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