Hamiet Bluiett

Band Info
Hamiet Bluiett
Band Name: Hamiet Bluiett
Official Website: Band Website
Origin: Brooklyn, Illinois, USA
Year Formed:
Band Members: Hamiet Bluiett
Genres: Blues, Jazz

Playing the Whitaker Music Festival June 27th







Hamiet Bluiett Background Info

Hamiet Bluiett was born in Brooklyn, Illinois just borth of East St. Louis (also known as Lovejoy), an African American village which had been founded as a free black community in the 1840s.  He was first taught music by aunt Mattie Chambers, then George Hudson, and continued to learn from Geroge Coleman Sam Rivers, Charles Mingus, etc. As a child, he briefly studied piano, trumpet, and settled on the clarinet, but was attracted most strongly to the baritone saxophone from the age of ten.

He continued his music education at Southern Illinois University and the Navy School of Music beginning his professional musical career in the Navy band.  Following his time int he Navy, Bluiett returned home and co-founded the Black Artists’ Groug (BAG) of St. Louis, Missouri, a collective dedicated to fostering creative multi disciplinary projects, with Emilio Cruz, Oliver Lake, Julius Hemphill among others. (taken from Hamiet Bluiett’s website)

MarsBands Review

If you know anyone who is just learning to play saxophone, make sure they listen to Hamiet Bluiett, as they can learn a lot from the man who learned from some of the best.  It’s hard to explain how a song with no lyrics can have emotion and passion, but when you listen to Hamiet Bluiett wailing away on the saxophone, goodness gracious, it is simply a thing of beauty.

Honestly, my words don’t do justice to the music, so do yourself a favor and check out the videos of Hamiet Bluiett below and hear it for yourself.  

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Where They Are From

Brooklyn, IL, USA

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