Cable35 vs Mr.Keys

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This is it! This is what we have been waiting for for 3 weeks! This is the deciding round – the winner becomes the first ever MarsMadness Champion! Cable35 has had tremendous fan support throughout MarsMadness, totaling 145 votes in their three rounds. Mr.Keys has had an abundance of support as well, amassing 153 votes in his three rounds. How will this one play out?

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  • Tedbear93

    Keep on rattling those keys Mr… 🙂

  • Petewilson50

    Mr Keys….YESSSS !!!

  • Olga Maslova

    Mr Keys!111111111111111111

  • Jennifersanford13

    GO MR KEYS!!!!!!!! 😀

  • Demonboyband

    Vote!!!! Mr. Keys!

  • Tlb_tpjc

    I rather enjoy this music by Mr. Keys…..

  • Leanne_ciantar

    what about mr.cables?

  • Michellemic78

    an awesome band from the tiny island with such amazing talent…i never tire of hearing you boys…keep up the good work! YOU ROCK!!

  • Milano

    hang in there cable guys….. love all your songs !

  • Mars

    My goodness, it is wonderful to see so much support for great music!

  • Curmiclifton79


  • Noel Zahra


  • Tonia

    Go Mr Keys… have our votes and our love!!

  • Localbendresident

    Go Mr. Keys!!! My vote goes to you!

  • Jeremy 183

    CABLE35 .. GO GO GO 😀

  • Sajidandzeeshan

    Mr Keys for sure 🙂

  • Madisoncoffeehouse

    Hey Everybody down here at Madison Coffee House is with you boy….Good Luck

  • Mars

    This is better than the SuperBowl!

  • Sherry Howard

    u guys rock… rock on…

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