Because Contests are Fun!

If you are a college basketball fan you know that March Madness is just around the corner.  If you aren’t a basketball fan and have no idea what March Madness is, we’ll try to help you understand.

We made a bracket of our 16 favorite bands and artists and are pitting their fans against each other.  So for example, one match-up we have is The Oh Wells vs Howling Dollhouse.  Fans of both of those awesome bands would go to that match-up page and vote for the band that they want to win.  The winner of each match-up goes on to face the winner of other match-ups until there are only two bands or artists left.  The two remaining bands/artists will battle it out for MarsMadness supremacy.

The Deets

Basically it all comes down to this:

We have pitted bands and artists against each other in matchups in our MarsMadness Bracket.   All you need to do is fill out a bracket using the bands and artists we used in our bracket and guess who you think will win each matchup and who you think will ultimately be the MarMadness winner.
To fill out a bracket, all you need to do is go to and fill out your bracket!  It’s that simple!  After you have filled out your bracket post the link to your bracket on our wall on our Facebook Page.  We will record each bracket submitted, so once you have submitted your bracket to our Facebook page you cannot change it.  You will have from now until March 3rd, 11:59pm (cst) to submit your bracket to our Facebook Page.

On March 4th the voting will begin and visitors to will get to vote for who they want to win in each matchup.  Each person gets one vote per matchup, per round.  MarsMadness will have 4 rounds, each lasting 1 (one) week.  After a week, whichever band or artist in each matchup has the most votes will be deemed the winner of said matchup and will go on to face their next opponent until a Champion is decided by the fans.


Now, what’s in it for you?  Well, besides letting the world know how awesome your favorite band or artist is, some lucky people are going to win MONEY.

After all the voting is done and a MarsMadness Champion has been determined, we will take the 10 most accurately filled out brackets and enter them into a raffle where they can win one of three prizes: 3rd Place – $10 AmazonMP3 gift card, 2nd Place – $15 AmazonMP3 gift card, and 1st Place – $25 AmazonMP3 gift card.  We will announce the 10 raffle entrants on our website, Twitters, and our Facebook page on April 1st, 2012.  The raffle will take place LIVE on MarsBands’ Ustream channel on April 4th, 2012, at 12pm (cst).

Good Luck!

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