Do You Play Fantasy Baseball?

MarsBands Wants You in Our League

Hey all!

So if you are a fantasy baseball player, you know by now that the fantasy season is just getting under way.  And it just so happens that besides being huge fans of hockey, we here at are also big fans of fantasy baseball!  If you are too, we would like to invite you to join a league with us!

If you want to join, we have 2 leagues for you to choose from (click on the league names to check out all the settings). League 1
League 1 is slightly customized.  Instead of having the extra default positions, the total roster size is 20 players.
We also changed the names of the 2 divisions. League 2
We didn’t do anything to this league.  It’s straight out of the box, ESPN default.

If you would like to join a league, send an email to and we’ll send you an invite!

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