Kesha to Resurrect Rock and Roll

Kesha is a Moron

Yes, I have called Kesha quite a few names since she became trendy.  Some of the nicer ones were stripper-wanabe, poser, whorish – but moron was never one of them.  Well it’s a big day for everyone, as I can now add moron to my list.  I’ll let you read her quote which I found on, and then you’ll understand everything.  And really, I wouldn’t need to even write anything more because her stupidity really says it all, but I like to rip on people so, ya.

“… people say that rock and roll is dead, and it is my mission and my goal to resurrect it in the form of my pop music,”

Uhm… What?  How does that even make sense?

That’s like Snoop Dog or Taylor Swift saying they’re going to resurrect Rock and Roll.

Even better, that’s like Taylor Swift saying she’s going to resurrect Rap.  Ok, so I’m not much for metaphors, but you get my point, right?

How is making a Pop song going to resurrect Rock?
Creating a Pop song does not resurrect Rock, Kesha, no matter how much your agent or label tells you it will or how highly you think of yourself.

Dear God, just that one short, simple-minded sentence absolutely blows my mind.  Is she really that stupid or is she just that full of herself?  Am I the only one that has a problem with her statement?  Somebody help me out, leave me a comment – maybe calm me down a bit.

…my head hurts. 

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