Proof: Mainstream Pop Music is Generic

Axis of Awesome and Rob Paravonian Prove It

Name one of your favorite Pop songs.  Chances are, aside from being performed by some annoying person, it uses 4 chords – the same 4 chords that everyone uses to make a Pop song.
Now to be fair, a lot of music uses the same chords (Punk music is especially guilty), and for the most part, a lot of music is just the same chords played by different bands/artists using different words with perhaps a different tempo.
But at the root of it all, the music is the same.

Find it hard to believe?  Does this depress you?  If this is news to you, I am sorry, but somebody had to tell you.  And guess what – it goes beyond just those 4 chords.

And just to ruin music for you even more, listen to the bass and drumbeats of some of your favorite songs.  Sound familiar?

Here’s a question for you to ponder that we’d love to get your feedback on.
Is there a point where no new music can be created?  And not “new” as in, I just made up a song that nobody has heard, “new”.  I’m talking “new” as in, nobody has ever created a song with this chord structure, this tempo, this beat, this bass line etc.?

Music has been a part of humanity for thousands of years, dating as far back as 7000BC.  Have we gotten to the point where being original just isn’t an option anymore? Is creating music really full of endless possibilities?  What say you?

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