Allison Crowe

Oh Holy Night

So after I watched the Celtic Woman version of this song, I felt incomplete, as if their version just wasn’t enough. And what was really annoying was it was almost a physical feeling.  I was expecting/hoping for so much more, and it just didn’t hit the spot.  It was really good, but it wasn’t great.

I moved on to Allison Crowe’s version.  And I won’t lie, for a while I found myself saying, aahh, come on Allison, just a little bit more! And then she did it.  At the 4:06 mark, she finally gave me closure.  It felt like a weight had been lifted off of me and she finally hit that high note, the one I had been waiting for the entire song.  Allison Crowe continually amazes me with her vocal powers.  The only way this song could be better is if there was more than one Allison Crowe signing it at the same time.  And since I’m not sure the world could handle that, we’ll just have to settle with 6 Jul3ia Richards.

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