Scariest Musician Ever?

Just because Nick Cave looks like the Grinch, that doesn't make him scary. makes me wonder if the people working there are actually a bunch of kids or teeny-boppers.  Jillian Mapes put up a poll for people to vote on for who they think the “scariest musician ever” is.  And to be fair, she put in some rather obvious choices like Ozzy, Alice Cooper, Rob Zombie, Marilyn Manson – and some not so obvious choices, like Tyler the Creator, Nick Cave, and Lady Gaga? *slaps head*

Lady Gaga?  Really?  You know what scares me about Lady Gaga?  I’m scared I could get herpes from her just by watching one of her music videos.  So if that is criteria enough for scary, then their list is all wrong, because they are missing all those other STD infected, talentless whores who prance around like stripper-wannabes.

Tyler the Creator - the scariest musician ever?

Have we really gotten that stupid that we would even allow for a Pop-Star like Gaga to be added to a list of “Scariest Musicians Ever“?  Re-read that in case you missed it.  Two keywords: Scariest, and EVER.  Gaga is a blip on the map.  In a few years nobody will even remember her.  Putting her on that list is a slap in the face to bands and artists whose whole deal is to be scary (looking, sounding, acting or all)., hang your head in shame.

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