Busy playing Sims 3.  Here’s some quick links that should humor you a tad.

Lady Gaga doesn’t like Lady Goo Goo.  What’s her problem?  Isn’t imitation supposed to be the sincerest form of flattery?

The record companies are getting poor.  So sad.

Some idiots got what they deserved.  Motley Crue?  Really?

Big Boi finds himself in Big Trouble.  Why not just throw your paraphernalia overboard?  It’s not like he can’t just buy more.

Whitney’s brush with dementia: How does this seatbelt work?

Nelly says stuff that isn’t fully coherent while trying to act like he is still relevant.

As if you needed it, another reason to hate CBS and Fred Durst.  What a D-bag.  He makes me wanna break stuff… [see what I did there?]

Kelly Clarkson has hit rock bottom.  Clubbin’ ain’t easy…

Realizing Lady Gaga sucks, Akon is trying to distance himself from the stuff “from her brain“.  Good idea.


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