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Please read the following before submitting your info!

Are you in a really kick-ass band?  It’s tough to get noticed, so we’d like to help.  Fill out the form below and we’ll give you a listen, and if we like you, we’ll write up something really spiffy for you to brag about!  Please note, submitting your band does not gaurantee that we’ll write a review for you, it just means we’ll give you a listen.  You’ll have to “wow” us with your music for a review.  If we write a review on your band or music, feel free to share it on Facebook and Twitter as well as on your website’s Press Page and anywhere else you can post a review.

For the sake of ease, we prefer that you direct us to a site where we can stream your music (i.e. Your Site, Reverb, Bandcamp, SoundCloud). This is extremely useful if we write a review for you so we can embed your music player with your review.  If your music isn’t able to be streamed, bands and artists may provide us with a link to download your music.

We are getting a lot of requests for reviews each month, so even if you think you have the best sound ever, please be patient.  You guys outnumber us by a lot, so give us a little time. It could take us 5-7 weeks before we check out your submission (or longer, depending on the amount of submissions ahead of yours).  Then it could be another few weeks once we’ve added you to our schedule. Please, for your own sake, don’t send us a reminders and let us know you’re still waiting for a review.  That’s a sure-fire way to NOT get a review.  For the month of January we received over 150 review requests in addition to the 100+ we received in December. February and March brought us in another 150 requests each.  We take our time going through each submission and each song.  We take our time when writing up a review.

If you want to increase your chances of us listening to you, please read and follow the directions on the form.  Do not send us multiple submissions.  Do not send us emails asking if we’ve listened to you yet.  We are getting close to 200 submissions per month now.  We take a lot of time listening to the music and deciding if we’re going to review it.  We do that for your benefit, so please be patient.  Thanks!



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