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Please read the following before submitting your info!

Are you in a really kick-ass band and want someone to review your music?  Fill out the form below and we’ll give you a listen, and if we like you, we’ll write up something really spiffy for you to brag about and share with your fans and raise awareness about you or your band!

Please note, submitting your band does not guarantee that we’ll write a review for you, it just means we’ll give you a listen.

For the sake of ease, we prefer that you direct us to a site where we can stream your music (i.e. Your Site, Reverb, Bandcamp, SoundCloud). This is extremely useful if we write a review for you so we can embed your music player with your review.  If your music isn’t available on Reverb, SoundCloud, Bandcamp etc., please provide us with a download link.  

Over the past year MarsBands has garnered a lot of attention on the Interwebs, and a lot of that is because of you, the bands and musicians, who are spreading the word about our words! So, thank you!  With that in mind, please remember that we are currently receiving nearly 200 Free Review Requests per month.

Please Note: because of the large amount of requests we are receiving, it could be between 4-6 weeks before we get around to checking out your submission.  If we give your music a listen and we decide to write up a review, we’ll share it with you.  We will either email it to you, post it to your Facebook wall, or send a Tweet at you.  We will let you know, one way or another.  That being said, if we decide not to write up a review for you, we simply don’t have the time or man-power to respond to every submission to let you know we won’t be writing up a review.  For that, we are sorry.  

Increase Your Chances of Getting a Free Review

If you want to increase your chances of us reviewing you, please read and follow the directions on the form.  Do not send us multiple submissions, as that only slows us down and therefore creates a longer wait for everyone else.  Do not send us emails asking if we’ve listened to you yet.  We will listen to every submission we receive; we can promise you that.  But we take a lot of time listening to the music and deciding if we’re going to review it.  We do that for your benefit, so please be patient.

Why Does MarsBands Use a Form instead of Emails and EPKs?

We prefer you fill out the form below for a few reasons.  For one, it makes it a lot easier on us to sift through all your info.  All the links we need are all in one place, everything is organized, and many of the bands and musicians have told us they prefer it over emails and EPKs.

Secondly, by filling out our form instead of emailing us a bunch of links, bios, and EPKs, each submission is put on a level playing field.  No submission will be better, prettier, more professional, or more organized than any other submission.  That means every submission will be viewed unbiased.

And lastly, we have a short questionnaire in our form that we’d like you to fill out.  You’re not required to, and we’ll still listen to your music even if you don’t fill it out.  But the answers we receive from our questionnaire help us provide you with a better site, services, and overall experience.