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Bring Your Pictures to Life!

Having a Facebook page full of pictures is great, and Tweeting out that new band pic is awesome, but what are you doing on YouTube?  Hundreds of millions of people use YouTube and some of them just might stumble upon your videos and become your new biggest fan!  YouTube is free advertising for your band or music, all you have to do is upload something!

Unfortunately, finding something of quality to upload can be a problem.  Maybe the audio quality on that last live show your friend recorded with their phone wasn’t great, so does it really help you putting it on YouTube?  Probably not.  If you’ve already got some recorded material, MarsBands can make some slideshows or a video compilation of all your live shows, band practices, outtakes, bloopers, etc. and set them to your recorded songs.  Want a lyric video for one of your songs? We can do that, too!

Make sure when someone comes across your videos on YouTube, they’ll have a treat for both the eyes and the ears!

Use the videos below as a small example of what we can do for you.  Before you make any purchases, please read the full details about the services we offer below the videos. After you’ve read the details, use the form at the bottom of this page to purchase a video.

This video features our friends from up North, The Oh Wells

Basic Slideshow – $10
A basic slideshow will have a slight zoom in on each picture.  Each picture will blur/fade into the next.  The slideshow will fade in and out at the beginning and end. The entire slideshow will be set to a song of your choice.  If you want any titles, messages or logos with your slideshow, be sure to let us know.  Typically, we’ll have your slideshow done within 24 hours of receiving your payment, but in case we’re super booked, we guarantee to have your slideshow done within 48hrs of receiving your payment.  All we need from you is a link to where we can download the pictures you want us to use in your slideshow and the song you want us to use.

You can direct us to a Facebook page and tell us which pictures you’d like us to use, or tell us we’re free to use any picture we see.  If you prefer, you can provide us with a link to a site like Dropbox with all your pictures available for us to download.  If you really wanted to, you could take all the pictures you want us to use and zip them in a file, along with the song you want us to use, and email it to us.

If you’d like your slideshow to be a lyric video, no problem! Just be sure to provide us with the lyrics to the song you want us to use when you fill out the form below.

Keep in mind that 50 pictures will create a slideshow a little over 3 minutes long.

3D Slideshow – $25
That 3D slideshow looks pretty neato, doesn’t it?  It’s pretty cool beans, but it’s also a lot of hard work.  Even more, that effect can’t be applied to just any picture.  Some pictures we simply cannot make work.  Some pictures will work, but will require a lot of time and patience.  That’s why the price for a 3D slideshow is higher than just your basic slideshow.  We could easily spend 5-10 hours making a 3D slideshow for you.

Because of the tedious and meticulous nature of making these types of slideshows, it may take up to 14 days after receiving your payment before your 3D slideshow is complete.

Video Compilation – $40
Video compilations are more fun to do than slideshows but are also a little more difficult.  It largely depends on the number of videos you have for us to use, the diversity of the footage, and the song you want the video set to.  It takes a trained eye and a creative mind to watch all your videos and start compiling them mentally.  It takes a lot of foresight and determination to take that mental compilation and turn it into a video that you will be happy with.  But because these are the types of videos we absolutely love doing, we tend to get engrossed in them quite easily.

So while we make no guarantees, it’s a pretty safe bet we’ll have your compilation music video done within 14 days of receiving your payment.

Your satisfaction is priority #1
We won’t consider our job for you completed until you are 100% happy with our product. If you want anything changed, modified, or corrected just let us know. We will make your alterations as soon as we possibly can. We don’t charge by the hour, so don’t worry about it costing you more to get your slideshow or video exactly how you what you want. We’re not happy until you are.

How will you get your video?
Depending on the size of the video, we’ll more than likely upload it either to a site like Dropbox where you can download it or simply upload it to YouTube where you can then download it using the “MP4 Downloader” extension on Firefox.


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