About Mars (mars@marsbands.com)

A Brief Biography

A lover of art and music, Mars has over 11 years of experience in the Independent music business.  Spending nearly 6 years in various bands, playing shows, and learning to record and mix music, Mars draws on a wide range of experiences to help him find the newest, hottest independent bands and artists.

While not as musically gifted as those he adds to the site, Mars dabbles in various instruments such as guitar, bass, drums, piano, and harmonica.  His future plans are to learn to play the violin, accordion, and harp.

Raised on his dad’s Classic Rock vinyl records, Mars has a deep appreciation for the art of music creation.  His musical tastes run the gamut, ranging from Blues and Jazz to Folk to Rock to Punk and Ska.

And while his musical soul seems to be forever stuck in the 90s, he still has a keen ear for today’s music.  When the 90s left, that is when Mars began to take notice of the sad state music was in.  Music, it seemed, was all about money and image.  It had lost its meaning and was no longer an art, but a profitable vehicle for mainstream radio.

Despite being raised on mainstream radio, Mars began to seek out music that still had passion and emotion.  Music that was created for the soul purpose of creating music and wanting to share it with as many ears as possible.  Mars had entered the world of Independent Music and has never looked back.

Mars began to share his new favorite Independent bands and artists in every way he could think of.  He would “Like” them on Facebook, share videos through YouTube, and tell his friends about a new song he found.  But this wasn’t enough for him.  With his years of being in bands, he knew just how difficult it was for a band to get noticed.  That is when he had an idea.

Mars started a small and somewhat ambiguous blog (Musictomyears.tk) which served to brag about his favorite music or the newest band or artist he had just discovered.  Much to his surprise, people were actually visiting his make-shift iWeb/Dropbox website.  Even more to his surprise, people liked the music he was featuring.  It wasn’t until Canadian superstar Allison Crowe “liked” his fledgling website on Facebook that he realized just how much influence his words could have.  Armed with an idea and ironclad determination, it wasn’t long until Mars began a full-fledged website complete with whistles and bells – MarsBands.com.

While not solely dedicated to the Independent musician, it is the principle goal of Mars and the people who work at MarsBands to help new, unsigned and Independent bands and artists get their music out to the masses.

Mars’ vision for MarsBands goes well beyond just a simple website.  A website can be helpful in spreading the word about a band or artist, but those musicians need much more than a review, followers, or “likes”.  As MarsBands grows, Mars will begin implementing his “master plan”.  Sit back and watch as MarsBands starts out as a website and morphs into the greatest gift to Independent musicians the world has ever seen.

Help Mars spread the good music you find on MarsBands.com.  The vast majority of bands and artists you’ll find here are unsigned or have decided to release their music on their own label.  Without the millions of dollars that mainstream artists have, Independent bands and artists can’t get a fair shake when it comes to publicity.  But Mars is a firm believer in “word of mouth”.  You can do your part to help change the music scene and to bring back the music that is emotionally powerful, passionate, and created with the intention of entertainment and self-expression, not money.


If you wish to contact Mars, feel free to email him:



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