Truth On Earth

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Truth On Earth
Band Name: Truth on Earth
Official Website: Band Website
Origin: San Diego, California, USA
Year Formed:
Band Members: Serena [Vocals, Rhythm & Electric Guitar, Piano] Kiley [Vocals, Flute, Bass, Piano, Harmonica] Tess [Vocals, Piano, Bass]
Genres: Acappella, Acoustic, Pop Rock









Truth On Earth Background Info

Using the beliefs of Gandhi, (who proved the best path to peace was through truth and non-violent protest), we are a progressive social action rock group writing and performing songs about world problems that need attention and sustainable solutions. If you are inspired to take action, there is alot you can do. Music has the power to reach and connect people around the world. (bio via Reverbnation)

MarsBands Review

First off, let me just say this band has a very cool sound to it.  Truth On Earth kind of reminds me of The Dixie Chicks.  Aside from both groups having three front-women, the music has that same kind of soft, almost whimsical feel to it.  There are some wonderful harmonies going on, soothing instruments, and soft voices.  Truth On Earth isn’t a crazy hard-rock band that will blow out your ear drums, they are basically The Dixie Chicks minus the Country and with a more 60s and 70s type of vibe to their music.  It’s good.  You’ll like it.

Here’s the thing that I really like about Truth On Earth: “We give 70% of our profits to organziations supporting the causes we sing about.”  Now, of course I don’t know if that’s really true, but I have no reason not to believe them.  This is a group of people who first of all love to make music, and secondly are trying to instill a social change.  Call them Hippies, call them dreamers, call them whatever you want.  But the world needs more of these people.  Support Truth On Earth and you support all things good.  Be a difference maker.

They only had a couple songs on Reverbnation to share, but if you go to their website you can hear more of their awesomeness.

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Where They Are From

San Diego, CA, USA

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